Reagan from Milwaukie High School

As a photographer you never know what you will get in the studio.  Since I don’t require a pre-session with the clients before their shoot I never know if the person I will be working with will be awesome to work with or not.  When Reagan showed up I was pleasantly surprised.  She was attractive, pleasant, had nice parents, and her grandmother came to the session.  Everyone was into the session.  Especially the grandmother.

  • Regan_river_3275_8x10web
  • Reagan_water_3369
  • Reagan_grasssunset__enhanced3418
  • Reagan_truck_5775
  • Regan_door_3078_8x12drkND

We have a place in Welches that we like to use for water shoots.  During certain parts of the day and year it is a great location.  But a little tricky to get down to the river.  Their is a path but it is rocky and full of blackberries.  I usually recommend wearing some tennis shoes when you come to the session but not everyone does and sometimes the parents don’t think about it.  This time I had three women in slip on sandals trying to navigate the path.  I was not counting on that.  Fortunately everyone made it down and up without incident.  And you get to see the result of that effort.

Reagan’s photos on the water turned out beautifully. I am adding some of hers from the day and will gradually add to them as I edit them.




Senior Portrait Art- Haley Moving Up and on to Higher Things

Haley is from Rex Putnam High School.  Haley is an artist and so I wanted to do a special image that was artistic and captured her point in life.  This image draws inspiration from one of my favorite digital artist, Brooke Shaden.  Brooke’s use of color toning and fantasy imagery is some of the best I have seen.  I borrowed some of her technique to create this image of Haley.

Haley Ladder to Everywhere

Haley Ladder to Everywhere


Megan- Prineville OR

I was very happy to work with Megan. She was under contract with American Eagle for their spring collection. It was easy to see why they selected Megan to model for them. Megan was extremely good at posing and giving me great expression. It is not always easy posing in front of the camera. But Megan is a natural. Interestingly Megan aspires to be a photographer.

I shot Megan’s portraits at Smith Rock on an typical Oregon overcast day. It was pretty cool and we had to constantly take breaks so Megan could warm up.

  • Malone_Megan_8621_web
  • Megan_8314crop2
  • Megan_8599_web
  • Megan_8170_web
  • Megan brite8274_warmerfnl_web
  • Megan_grass_8747web
  • Megan_8477_horiz_crop
  • Megan_8091
  • Megan_8314crop1
  • Megan_8276
  • Megan_8085
  • Megan_8501
  • Megan_8281crop
  • Megan_8217
  • Megan_8430crop
  • Megan_8505
  • Megan_coral_8782

I hope you enjoy Megan’s photos.


Amanda -Oregon City


Thank you to our Reps.  There are so many advantages to being a representative for our Studio.  If you are interested in being a representative for us please check out our Model/Rep page.

  • 01_Amanda_9189_coverB
  • 02_Amanda_9980
  • 03_Amanda_9942_B
  • 04_Amanda_9971
  • 05_Amanda_0112B
  • 06_Amanda_0121
  • 07_Amanda_0155
  • 08_Amanda_7223B
  • 09_Amanda_7214
  • 10_Amanda_7355
  • 11_amanda_9837
  • 12_Amanda_8804C
  • 13_Amanda_9189B
  • 14_Amanda_9500vg
  • 15_Amanda_9401
  • 16_Amanda_9276
  • 17_Amanda_8830
  • 18_Amanda_9029
  • 19_Amanda_9756_combo
  • 20_Amanda_8920
  • 21_Amanda_7223B
  • 22_Amanda_7366_iso
  • 23_Amanda_7389vg


Angeline- Oregon City

Angeline came to me from another Rep.  She was outgoing and cute.  Angeline was brave enough to try the water shoot.  I give a lot of credit to all of the students willing to get into the water to make some interesting images.  My son, Robert, was instrumental in helping me with the lighting on her images.  Robert knows how to get the light placed in just the right spot to give the dramatic lighting that really makes the images interesting.

  • Angeline_2983sft
  • Angeline_2996sftkick
  • Angeline_3057sfkick
  • Angeline_3166sftkick
  • Angeline_3186sftkick
  • Angeline_3248sftkick
  • Angeline_3280crop
  • Angeline_3280sftkick_B
  • Angeline_3354
  • Angeline_3537
  • Angeline_3616sft
  • Angeline_3669kickvig
  • Angeline_3794glow
  • Angeline_3876hdsht
  • Angeline_Lielani_3964kick
  • Angleine_3834-Combo
  • Angleine_3834sftkck
  • _D3X3398combo_clrD



Jared- Canby

Jared comes from a family that handle livestock and horses.  His western attire lends greatly to his personality and his images.  My family also had a tie to horses and so I’m always partial to the western theme.  My father also collected western art and his favorite actor was John Wayne so this was a fun photo session for me.

Jared is also a hunter.  So we did some photos of him in his hunting camo.

I did some special editing on a few of Jared’s images.  You will see one image of him in his hunting clothes that I did a movie poster effect.  I also did a composite image that was inspired by a poster in one of David Fincher’s movies.  Totally different looks but his poster gave me the basic concept.

  • jared-composite_name_7573
  • Jared_7442
  • Jared_7477
  • Jared_7639BKck
  • Jared_7660
  • Jared_7677
  • Jared_7927kick
  • Jared_8202JGrms2
  • Jared_8436
  • Jared_Grimes_8440
  • _D3X8092b