The first thing about Alan Dyck Photography is that it is not about Alan.  YOU are the important person in the portrait equation.  Producing images of you that make you excited about your portrait is our goal.  The more you bring to the session, that helps tell the story about who you are, the more your portraits can highlight your life.  Alan’s experience with lighting, posing, and photographing students since 2002 makes it possible to give you unique portraits that are different than the many wannabe photographers flooding today’s market.


In order to give you that different look our studio has changed from just giving you a traditional outdoor portrait.  We are now adding bold, dramatic lighting and sometimes specialized Photoshop techniques that can make your photographs more cinematic or poster like.  In order to compete with the overwhelming number of guy or girl with a camera, who just use available light, we are adding that extra kick that make our photographs stand out from the crowd.  That isn’t saying that we wouldn’t take some traditional style photographs, but we add additional techniques with lighting, props, and Photoshop to give you something that will wow your friends and family.  Your photos will pop and stand out from the rest.


Where the majority of photographers in our area will pull out a reflector to give you your lighting, it is not unusual to see us lugging around studio lights so we can give you  similar lighting that you would see from fashion photographers doing magazine shoots.  Is this a lot of effort?  Yes.   Is it worth it to make your portraits stand out?  Definitely!!  You are worth that extra effort.


Do you have a few blemishes?  Do you have an extra bulge you don’t like? Need some braces removed? Don’t worry. Alan’s Photoshop skills can help make the difference in making you look the way you want to look.


We shoot for three audiences when you come to our studio.  We shoot photos that the mother wants.  We shoot photos that the student wants.  And we shoot photos for the Yearbook.  Mom is looking photographs that show you as a happy healthy high school student, about to embark upon the world.  You want photographs that your friends find cool and beautiful. You want the photographs you see online and in magazines…the cool ones.  High school can be an important time where your image defines you.  Because of that, you have an image to project to your friends.  Then there is that photograph that has to meet the yearbook specifications and will be the photograph that you and your friends will look back on 30 years from now.


We have the experience.  We have the techniques.  We have the gear. We have the customer service.  All we need is YOU!


We are available for Weddings and can travel if necessary.  Please contact us for information about our wedding photography.  Robert Dyck and I collaborate on weddings. We are are operating our wedding business separately from the portrait business. So feel free to contact us if you want information.


Alan Dyck Photography

Where Style and Service Unite 


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