Things to Think About for Your Session

These are suggestions only.  We will do the best we can with whatever cards we are dealt.  However, you can make our job easier if you pay attention to these suggestions.

The most helpful thing you can do is bring a great attitude.  For some people the thought of having a portrait session is not too thrilling…for others it is a treat.  But our experience is that you will go away from your session excited to see your images.  Both Guys and Girls.

Bring multiple outfits.  The more you bring the easier it is to match your clothing to the background.  And it makes your photo have more variety.  It can look boring if every set we shoot is in the same clothes.

Solid colors are better than stripes, plaids and polka dots.  Patterns can be distracting.  They can clash with the background.  But if you have something really striking bring it and we can see if we can make it work.  But a lot of times I am just wishing you brought more solid color.

Make sure your clothes are cleaned and pressed.  It hard to take out wrinkles in Photoshop and make things look normal.  Not impossible but tough.  Stains can be removed as well as lint and pet hair but it takes additional time.  Be nice to me and reduce my editing time.

Girls– Bring your Special Dance Dress(es).  Fancy dresses can be a lot of fun and really make you look like the prom queen in your photos.  We can make this like a fashion shoot if you dress for the part.  If you have a fancy dress you don’t mind getting wet or dirty we can do  a “Trash the Dress” series.  This type of image really stands out.  They are cool, fun, and can be edgy.

Bring Props based on things you love to do.  If you play sports, have a hobby, like to do something even as simple as doing video games, bring us some props to work with.  If you have a car you would like to be photographed with, bring it.  You like to play golf, bring your clubs and golf balls.  Bring your uniform if you are in sports.  Suggest going to a location where we can capture you in action poses.  Bring balls, bats, helmets, mitts, rackets or anything that says who you are right now.  Play and instrument?  Bring it or line up a location where we can photograph you playing (like pianos or harps).  The bottom line is we want to make your photograph reflect you.

Girls Make-up.  I have a make-up artist that I work with occasionally, for clients who would like their make up done professionally.  Kim Donohue.  Kim has been a make-up artist for several movie stars over the years.  She has an impressive list of clients from Hollywood.  Because of that if you want her we have to check her schedule when you line up your session.  I will line you up with her and she will negotiate the price with you directly.

If you do your own make-up, please remember to not use glitter make-up.  Glitter reflects back strongly with strobes and looks like acne on your photos.  I will have to edit out the white spots and since it is often used around the eyes makes the job a lot more difficult.

Shoes.  Most photos we do don’t show your shoes.  So they are not as important.  But if you want a full length portrait bring shoes that match.  But also bring some shoes for walking over grass and that won’t get stuck or ruined if we need to walk in wet conditions.

Water shots.   I love doing water shots.  I think they make great photos that you will love.  But it takes getting wet and cold sometimes.  If you are brave enough to deal with the cold and wet we will do these shots last.  I suggest you bring shoes or sandals that you can wear into a pond or stream.  Bring a set of towels.   This is a good place to incorporate your “trash the dress” shots.  But doing water shots is totally up to YOU.

Location.   We can shoot images here at our studio or go on location.  Or both.  We have a variety of places that I have photographed portraits in your area.  I can go to Portland, Vancouver, Clackamas, Mt Hood (Ski Areas for example), Welches, the Gorge Scenic Area all for no additional charge. I can also go to the Beaches or eastern Oregon if you are willing to help with travel cost.  I’ll work with you on that.  Or if you want fast and easy, we have props set up for shooting at our studio.  The important thing to me is making the best images for you.

Photoshop Help.  My photoshop skills are excellent and my son’s are impressive.  If you have blemishes, moles, acne, wrinkles, braces, bulges, birthmarks, stray hairs or anything you are self conscious about please let me know and I can either reduce, soften or remove it.  Some people have just the opposite.  They have a special signature mole or beauty mark that they want to remain.  I typically clean and soften skin on a majority of images.  So if you want something to remain it helps to point that out before I begin editing.  We should note that on your profile sheet or order form when you order prints.

Special Edits.  There are so many things I can do in Photoshop to make your portraits stand out and look different.  There are framing, color shifts, vintage, black and white, poster looks, composite images, and many more.  The possibilities are endless.  It sometimes helps to plan this ahead of time so things work out perfectly but sometimes I can just use what images we have taken.  If I see some images that look like a good choice I may just give a technique a try.  But if you have seen an image you like somewhere just show me and I can plan for that type of image or do it with an existing image.

Mt Shasta Area.  My brother lives at Mt Shasta, Ca.  I have been doing portraits there 2-3 times per season.  If you are from that area you can email me or watch my Facebook page for announcements of my planned trips to your area.  There are some good portrait photographers in the Mt Shasta area that do some really nice work, however, I have a different style that might appeal to you.  If so shoot me a message and line up a session.

Model/Rep Sessions.  If you are an outgoing, popular person, or you know someone who is, we are always looking for good looking people who can help sell our business at your school. We give a huge discount for the people who are willing to get us some referrals. We are willing to extend your session from 1 1/2 hour session to 6-8 hours and shoot with you in a variety of locations and clothing changes. What we expect in return is that you line up your session in May and June, and that you promote us at school and on Facebook.  You will get a half price session fee (I still have to pay my assistant).  If you can get me 5 referrals you will get your portraits packages at half price and a free 8×10 Book with 19 total pages.  If you get between 1-5 we have a sliding scale for determining  your discount.  If you don’t get any referrals the worst case would be you will get a 10% discount on your prints and book.  So the two things we are looking for in a Rep is someone who has the look to make our example/advertising portraits pop and someone with the personality to sell our business to other seniors.  If you think you are what we are looking for see our advertisement in the drop down menu under Seniors.


We are available for Weddings and can travel if necessary.  Please contact us for information about our wedding photography.  Robert Dyck and I collaborate on weddings. We are are operating our wedding business separately from the portrait business. So feel free to contact us if you want information.


Facebook.  We ask that you friend us on Facebook so I can give (tag) you a couple of your images online soon after your session.  You can find Alan Dyck Photography on Facebook at         



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